Corporate Relocation to the Far East

Corporations have been flocking to the far east for the past few decades due to cheap labor costs, friendly governments and lax environmental regulations. The specific countries that businesses are moving to, however, seem to be constantly shifting. China remains a stronghold of cheap plastics manufacturing and some high tech. Taiwan was once a juggernaut in high technology manufacturing but has been eclipsed since the rocket like rise of the mainland. Countries like Singapore and Malaysia have had a long steady presence of foreign firms that have helped those countries develop modern cities.

Manufacturing is not the only thing moving to the far east. With increasing education standards and more college graduates than ever, far east countries are producing an unprecedented number of engineers and designers. This means that American corporations are exporting more than just low skilled labor, they are transferring entire design and engineering departments to places like China and Singapore. Increasingly U.S. employees are acting as ambassadors or communications officers for companies that have shifted nearly all of their production processes across the Pacific ocean. Corporate relocation to these areas of the world sees no sign of slowing in the near future.

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