Corporate Relocations within the U.S.

When people think of corporate relocation they often think of companies moving their operations overseas. While this is a common practice amongst many U.S manufacturing operations, companies often relocate their white collar centers and headquarters within the borders of the United States. They do this to take advantage of lower taxes and costs while still retaining the skills of the highly educated American workforce. Popular states to move to include Texas, Arizona and many other warm weather states that are attempting to attract more businesses.

Businesses can have a lot of difficulties relocating their headquarters even if they foresee drastic reductions in costs and increased profits. Many workers will decide to move wherever their jobs move to, but depending on the incentives offered for relocating, many will choose not to. This means that these companies should expect to have to hire and retrain a significant portion of their white collar workforce. With unemployment as high as it is, this may not be as bad a position to be in as it might be in a normal economy.

Many companies are moving to locations where they feel there is more of a friendly business atmosphere for their operations. They are also trying to take advantage of higher educated work forces in places where there are well regarded colleges and universities. Corporations are also attracted to places with general lower costs of living as it allows them to pay their employees less without affecting their lives negatively.

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