Finding New Oppurtunities Overseas

Moving overseas for work is probably one of the most common reasons people have for relocating to a new country.

Many people move themselves and their family to follow a job: either an international job offer that they have accepted or a transfer to an overseas office of their current employer. In some ways this can be the easiest way to move because all the practical aspects will be covered by your employer. However it can be hard on an employee and their family if they don’t really want to move to the new family.

If you are moving to find a job make sure that your skills are in demand and that your educational qualifications will be recognized in the new country. This is particularly important in the health and education fields. The licensing rules for health professionals and nurses in another country are normally very strict. It may take many months for your qualifications to be recognized and for you to be able to practice in your new country. In the worst case you might not even be able to start this process until you are in the country. Make sure you have a number of month’s expenses saved to see you through this period.

It is often easier to get university or college level qualifications recognized rather than associate or trade qualifications. A part-degree or qualification may be worthless so consider completing it before you depart or look at any options your school might have to allow you to transfer internationally to complete your qualification.

Alternatively you may be using your global relocation as an excuse to change careers and/or re-train. In this case it may be wise to get further training in your new country meaning that you will start to gain contacts and even student work experience in the same place as you will need to ultimately.

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