Getting Supplies for Your Domestic Move

Anybody who is planning on moving finds out eventually that they don’t have all the supplies they need to go through with their domestic move. The list of needed items can sometimes seem a little expensive: boxes, tape, labels, padding and a variety of other tools used to keeping your stuff safe and secure during a move. Many people choose to go the retail route when getting supplies for their domestic move, such as going to any retail outlet and purchasing brand new supplies at high prices.

Purchasing brand new boxes can be an unnecessary expense. The first thing you should do is find out if it is possible to get boxes from your place of employment. Most companies that do any kind of shipping or receiving will be getting rid of lots of cardboard boxes on a daily basis. Don’t be afraid to go to the shipping department and ask for a few boxes for your move; the shipping people are used to it. You can save lots of money by getting slightly used boxes from work or friends and family that have recently moved.

A long term cheaper option for people who relocate household goods often is to get a collection of plastic bins. Regular cardboard boxes have a life of maybe one or two moves, while good plastic bins are virtually indestructible and can last a very long time. This option may not be great for people planning on moving only once or twice in their lives, but for people who find themselves moving somewhat often the initial investment will payoff in the long run. Plastic bins aren’t even that much more expensive than boxes, and may even be cheaper depending on whether or not they are on sale and where you buy them.

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