Global Compensation: Part Two

At the end of our last post, we asked a question that would lead into today’s continued topic: What can companies do to leverage technology in order to reduce cost, increase accuracy, compliance and reporting capabilities in the global mobility space?

Unipack provides new technologies and best practices to help manage global relocation cost, data and compensation accrual for tax reporting and budgeting. These are areas that are important to all companies, but in the past, they have been a challenge to achieve in this complex global compensation arena.

New, sophisticated services and programs can streamline otherwise labor-intensive reporting processes
. Additionally, they can provide customized reporting solutions on a faster, real-time basis while also reducing the rate of error. Corporate International Movers exist for these purposes—to provide administrative, back-office payroll and financial reporting solutions on a global scale.

When evaluating what type of program is right for a company—whether it is payroll management, tax preparation or managing global compensation—executives should select ones that are compatible with multiple countries and multiple sets of payroll codes.
Companies always struggle with tying together numbers at the end of year, but there should be ongoing, real-time reporting and analysis so that annual financial records become merely just another step. Let the Global Relocation Companies do the work for you and provide effective, accurate data to your organization.

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