Have You Dreamed of Moving to Alaska?

Everyone who hasn’t been to Alaska probably has their own visions of what the country is like. Some people think of Alaska and only envision a frozen tundra ruled by vicious polar bears with a spattering of igloos and oil spills. Others probably see magnificent glaciers resting between jagged mountaintops, log cabins, grizzly old fishermen and hunters. The fact is that both visions are right. Alaska is by far the largest state in the United States geographically. It’s has highest peak in the country with Mt McKinley, rain forests along the southern coast, tundra in the north with polar bears, tons of fishing off all the coasts and plenty of hunters in the interior trying to live off the land.

The rugged beauty of the wilderness in the north is great to experience and view, but it also represents a rather large challenge when it comes to moving to Alaska. It is possible to drive a truck into major cities like Anchorage, but if it is not at just the right time of year there is a huge risk of large snow storms and generally impassable conditions. Other towns and cities have not road access whatsoever due to remote locations or being on an island. Moving to these places requires boat transportation or air transport. Most people moving to Alaska don’t have the resources and knowledge to conduct a relocation to such remote parts of the state, so they rely on a relocation service to arrange various modes of transport to get household goods where they need to go.

Travel and transport in Alaska is sometimes so dangerous that many hit reality shows have been based on certain aspects of Alaska transport. Ice road truckers details the ins and outs of transporting goods along an icy road in the Alaska interior, where there is a large energy industry. Deadliest catch travels with ocean fishermen who have to battle to very harsh conditions of the Pacific in order to catch extremely valuable sea food. Living dangerously is a part of life for many people who have moved to Alaska, but it’s not like that for everyone. There are plenty of safe and normal jobs for people in most towns and cities.

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