How to Protect Furniture When Moving

It can sometimes take years or even decades to build up a decent collection of furniture, and there is no reason that it should be at risk when you decide to move. Extra care and attention should be paid to furniture when moving to ensure that it arrives at your new home just as it left your old one. Protecting furniture while moving is all about proper padding, support and orientation. The following is a quick guide to show you how to properly protect your furniture during a move so that nothing will get damaged.

Proper padding is essential for making sure that your furniture doesn’t get scratched or cracked along the way. Many moving companies will provide furniture paddings that you can place in between items so that they don’t damage each other. Much of the time, however, they don’t provide enough to meet all of your needs. Old comforters or blankets you can find at garage sales will work just fine as a substitute for traditional furniture blankets. You can even use things like bubble wrap and newspaper to fill in spaces that leave room for furniture to shift during moving.

Properly protecting furniture when moving also requires the correct arrangement of items in the truck or transport container. This typically means that you want heavier items to be below lighter ones and that you want each individual item to have a low center of gravity. This may require you to flip certain items, like tables, upside down. It’s also good to break down any furniture as much as possible, as assembled furniture with detachable components can be particularly weak and prone to damage during transportation.

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