If You’re Thinking of Moving to Canada

Moving to Canada is not just for Vietnam draft dodgers anymore. Canada is a thriving first world country full of opportunity, culture, universal healthcare and some of the finest cities in the world. Canada has jobs in nearly every market imaginable: high tech, energy, film, industry and some of the finest restaurants you can find. Why anyone would want to move to Canada is no mystery, but not all Canadian provinces, or cities, are created equal. What to expect when you move to the west coast will be different than in the interior or the east. We’ll give you a quick breakdown of how each region operates.

Big cities like Vancouver and Toronto are very much like big cities in the United States. They are mostly English speaking, have large downtown centers like Chicago or Seattle, and have a very diversified population that features lots of different cultural treats like restaurants, shops and markets. Canada’s interior in provinces like Saskatchewan and Alberta mimic much of the Midwest of the U.S. They have a thriving agricultural industry as well as oil production. Quebec is a province that really has no American counterpart. Cities like Montreal have a strong French influence, as much of the architecture and design of the city will remind people of Paris. Most people in Quebec also speak French, so if you are looking for employment in that area of the country, it is a good idea to be at least somewhat familiar with the language.

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