Important Moving Terminology

The following are some terms that will help you navigate the often complicated world of domestic and international moving. Don’t worry if you still don’t completely understand most of the terms, a global relocation service like Unipack can help you navigate the waters of household goods relocation affordably and easily.

Bill of Lading – this is basically a receipt given to you by a mover for all of the goods getting picked up

Binding Estimate – this is a contract that contains a cost calculation after a physical survey is done by the mover. The mover is bound by the charges listed on the form and is usually drawn up by flat rate movers.

Non-Binding Estimate – unlike the binding estimate, this is just an estimate of the costs for a move and should not necessarily be taken at face value

Order for Service – a contract the consumer receives from a mover at least 24 hours prior to the move that comes with a non-binding estimate.

Tariff – schedule of the rates, charges, classification ratings, terms and conditions of the public mover

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