International Relocation to the Mediterranean

Europe is going through some difficult economic times in the past few years. Despite this, it remains a popular destination for international relocation. Cities and towns along the Mediterranean Sea in particular are especially popular due to the nice weather and interesting culture. European countries along the Mediterranean include Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Albania and Greece. While all of these places share a border with the sea, the quality and type of life in each of these countries is drastically different from each other, especially between Eastern and Western countries.

Spain, France and Italy are considered part of Western Europe. Their economies are modern with significant sectors in high technology service and manufacturing. They also have significant social safety nets that allow for a somewhat comfortable way of life despite economic difficulty. Finding a job for an immigrant in one of these countries may be really difficult after an international move, so if you are looking for employment in one of these places, it’s a good idea to have a job set up before you leave. For seniors with a significant retirement savings, these countries are great for settling down during retirement.

Eastern European countries along the Mediterranean are not quite as modern as those in the West, and thus have a cheaper cost but less quality of life. Many of the countries in this region were part of the former Soviet bloc and are still building more modern capitalist economies. People moving to Europe choose the East because of the reduced costs and because they are looking for a way of life that is significantly different from the West and the United States. It’s a good idea to visit Eastern Europe before moving there to get a sense of the culture, language and way of life.

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