Most Desirable U.S. Cities to Relocate To

In tough economic times people move all over the world for better lives and opportunity. Within the United States, people move to cities and communities with low unemployment and a general high quality of life. Where these places are, however, is often a difficult search. Many magazines and news media sources come up with lists of the best places to live, but most of the time these lists don’t overlap. Different media companies use different criteria as well as subjective opinion to come up with their lists. What criteria they use to come up with their list may not coincide with the desires of people looking to move.

CNN Money releases a list every year of their purported most desirable cities. Topping the list in 2011 were cities in Colorado, Massachusetts and Ohio. The number one city Louisville, close to Boulder Colorado, was picked due to its low crime rates, idyllic mountain scenery and low unemployment with respect to nationwide unemployment rates. But Louisville Colorado may not be for everyone. The place with the highest job growth rate was Rockwall County, Texas. The city with the shortest commute was Pella, Iowa. When evaluating this report you should focus on the factors that matter most to you.

The main limitation of the CNN Money report is that it only lists cities with populations between 50 and 300 thousand residents. This type of restriction may discount many places that will be desirable for certain people, including those who like big cities and small towns. Comprehensive reports from resources like the census bureau give statistics for tons of different factors that may affect someone’s decision to relocate to a particular location. Those willing to do the research will find many cities that more than meet their criteria for the perfect place to relocate within the United States.

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