Preparations for Moving Internationally: Part One

Moving to a new country can be an exciting prospect. Whether it’s for a new job, school, adventure or even just a change of pace, moving internationally can present a ton of new opportunities both socially and professionally. Planning ahead is essential. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of before you leave your old home and head for your new one. Knowledge of specific laws and customs for the country you’re moving to is key, but here are a few general tips to consider when planning your move.

-Research the laws and regulations of your new country. Find out things like any required visas and permits, required vaccines, restrictions or taxes on shipped household goods and vehicle taxes.

-Submit your applications for passports, visas and permits as soon as possible. Check to see if any will become invalid shortly after the move. For example, if your passport will expire in the coming year, renew it early.

-It could take awhile to get important documents and records, so gather things like birth certificates, green cards, social security cards, medical records, academic records, employment records, proof of residency and living wills and testaments.

-Decide what financial accounts are essential and notify the appropriate banks that you will be moving to a new country. You should also consider online international banking for easy transfer of funds. Shred any statements, credit cards and paperwork that won’t be needed.

-Use an International Relocation Service. Relocation services take all the guesswork and hassle out of physically moving your household goods to a new country. You can have your stuff picked up at your old home and dropped off at the new one hassle free.


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