Quality Management and International Relocation

On an international scale, factors which effect service delivery and the ability to measure it, are magnified. International Relocation demands rigid, thorough and effective systems of Quality Control in place. Service quality is dependent on expectations of the client, limitations on what can be achieved (customs, housing market, school availability etc) and a seamless service delivery from suppliers and contractors. Coupled with this, the corporate relocation sector demands top block service delivery for extremely high value clients. Operating in this area means that Unipack Global Relocation has applied this ethos throughout the company meaning service quality is consistently exceptional.

To maintain a high level of quality, Unipack Global Relocation has a dedicated Quality Management Team (QMT), reporting directly to the CEO and Managing Director.

The team compliments service offering by measuring and monitoring service delivery at every stage with the assistance of a dedicated and internally developed system. The QMT monitors all factors which effect service quality from the complex relationships with suppliers, partners and agents, to individual assignee satisfaction grading.

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