Quick Tips for Transporting Your Vehicle

Transporting a vehicle domestically or internationally can be a real chore. There’s a lot of things to consider when moving your car, truck, or motorcycle around the world. In order to make your vehicle transportation go as smoothly as possible, consider the following items:

Make sure your fuel tank is almost empty. Gasoline adds a lot of weight to a vehicle. In order for the transport of a vehicle to be as efficient as possible, it is important to make sure that the vehicle weighs as little as possible when it’s being moved.

What kind of vehicle are you moving? There are different rates for bikes, regular cars, SUVs, and trucks. Prices not only depend on weight but on how much volume the vehicle takes up. Consider this when getting price quotes.

Don’t leave loose items inside your car. Many companies will say that they are not liable for any missing items in a transported vehicle. Make sure you take any important items with you personally or in a different type of transport.

Timing is everything. Auto transport companies may need a day to several weeks to transport your vehicle. Make sure to provide adequate time windows for pickup and delivery when getting your vehicle moved.

Make sure you use a reputable transport company. It is important that the transport service you use is properly licensed and insured in order to give you the best vehicle transportation experience possible.

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