Relocating to Bulgaria

Below are a number of important considerations for anyone considering moving overseas and to Bulgaria:

1. Income –  Wherever you decide to relocate to, you will need a source of income. It maybe that you have a  pension, or can work from home via the internet, but a steady source of income will be required to cover your general living expenses. When considering moving to Bulgaria, you need to keep in mind that without a good knowledge of the Bulgarian language, you will find it difficult to get any sort of normal job and most expats tend to end up working in trades required by other expats such as building, property management, gardening so these areas of work are already over saturated.

2. Education – If you have children you will need to consider how they will fit in to the local education system or if you are going to attempt home schooling. In Bulgaria, children go to kindergarten from an early age and then start primary school at around the age of 7. Young children will pick up the language quickly, but for older children it can be very difficult to fit in.

3. Medical Care – The state health system in Bulgaria is under funded and fairly basic, although the actual standard of care is good in most respects. However, if you have a pre-existing medical conditions or require regular medication you need to check you can get the medicine or care required in Bulgaria. It is important to find an English speakingdoctor close to your location. Private health clinics are numerous, cheap and very good.

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