Relocating Your Pets Safely

Beside your children or loved ones, your pets will be the most valuable and important thing you will be moving with you to your new home. Relocating to a new place can be difficult for animals, as they are not usually used to travel and may be uncomfortable with some of the conditions they will be forced to move in. A good way to alleviate their discomfort is to keep up as many routines as possible before the move. There is not such thing as preparing a pet mentally for a move, so give them as many of the usual comforts as you can.

Before the move occurs, make sure you have the proper equipment and plans in order to move your pets as safely as possible. Purchase a strong and sturdy transport carrier if you are going to be using a mode of transport that requires one, usually a plane. Plane travel is probably the least comfortable mode of transport for your pets, so make sure that you book a direct flight if at all possible. Make reservations for your flight far in advance and make sure you get full instructions and restrictions from the airline regarding their pet policies.

If you are moving by car things get a little easier. Cats should always be kept in a carrier during auto travel. You can buy special car harnesses for dogs at most pet stores. Stop frequently along the trip so that your pets can relieve themselves and get a little bit of exercise. Of course, never leave your pets unattended in the car or in the back of a moving van during hot summer months. Doing this can be very dangerous when temperatures can reach up to 120 degrees inside a vehicle.

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