Relocation 101: Signapore

Moving to a new country is thrilling, but also challenging. Of course, it’s exciting to relocate to another place because of the unique society, landscapes, and community. It is fascinating to observe the many new things and take in the many new experiences you find in a new place.  Because every country is unique, there are always challenges when moving. Also, you get to experience the stress with moving away from your own country and becoming accustomed to a new place. Regardless of where you relocate, if it’s any area other than your own country, there are lots of things to do and remember before you make your move.

Even though Singapore only has about 4.4 million residents, the country has a huge tourism industry that is growing every year. Nearly one million people visit the country every year and some of those people decide that they would love to live there. People are impressed to move to Singapore because of the standard of living, climate and employment potential.

Singapore has very strong ties to the United Kingdom because it was originally a British colony. Singapore had one of the highest standards of living in 2009, as reported by Wikipedia. This is mainly because the country is now the fifth wealthiest country in the world due to its modern economy. The official languages of the country are English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. The Singapore dollar is their currency. The main religions of the country are Buddhism and Christianity.

Most of the economic activity in Singapore happens on the main island, but there are actually 62 islands that make up the whole country. The country used to depend on fishing for its economical welfare, but things have changed much in recent years due to technology. However, the country is still largely influenced by the many cultures it has been involved with – from the ancient Malays and Chinese to the British nation that they were a part of for many years.

If it’s your first time moving overseas, it is recommended that you make sure that you are going to like another country. It’s always a good idea to visit first and spend a few days in any new country to see if it meets your approval. If you are moving because of an employment move or opportunity, there should be a relocation advisor assigned to help you through the transition of moving. You will find alot of information from this expert.

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