Save Money on Your Move to Alaska

Moving to Alaska is unlike other domestic moves in a variety of ways. First of all, Alaska is thousands of miles away from almost all other points in the continental states. This means that moving to Alaska will involve a lot more travel than your typical domestic move. Alaska is also in a location that is hard to access by any other means than boat or airplane. This makes packing up a moving truck and driving it to your new home in Alaska much more difficult than it would be in other moves.

It is possible to drive a moving truck up to Alaska, but there are much easier options. Driving will require two border crossings, multiple nights of hotel/motel stays, possible bad weather and a host of other issues that can make driving very difficult. A relocation service that has Alaska moving services can help set up a move that will save you money on highly expensive moving trucks and travel expenses. Relocation services can do this by coordinating various modes of transport for your household goods that don’t rely on expensive cross continental highway travel.

Using a relocation service for your Alaska relocation will also free you up personally so that you can travel more comfortably and with less stress than you would by driving a truck across the often harsh Alaska Highway. A global relocation service like Unipack will move your household goods door to door from any location in the U.S. to your new home in Alaska, often at a drastically reduce price than you would find if you tried to move yourself.

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