Some Facts to Keep in Mind When Moving

The facts surrounding the moving industry can be a bit disheartening, but by examining some common misconceptions and potential pitfalls you can avoid a lot of the bad circumstances that trouble so many movers. Many problems arise from erroneous quotes given by movers. Most relocations end up costing more than double the original amount quoted. Many moving companies mislead consumers so much on claims that the customer ends up dropping it.

When it comes to insurance, Federal law mandates a minimum relocation insurance of 60 cents per pound per item on interstate relocations. Minimum covereage for local relocations can be half this amount.  Make sure to take these insurance prices into account when calculating risk during a move. Federal law also prohibits the practice of holding goods hostage to extort bigger payments from their customers.

As far as finding a good relocation service to help with your move, there are a few things to keep in mind. Check with the BBB itself to investigate claims made from companies that claim to be in good standing with the Bureau as they can sometimes be a lie. Most relocations involve hidden fees usually assessed after all your things are moved onto the truck. You can become less vulnerable to these problems is you familiarize yourself with common business practices of shady moving companies.

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