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How to Find Good Auto Shipping Rates

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Auto shipping rates aren’t easy to find on the internet, so if you are trying to ship a car it’s best you do some research. There are a number of auto transport companies that will give you a quote, but only few deliver the quality and service that goes along with shipping a vehicle. Auto shipping rates can fluctuate with gas and oil prices, so always keep in mind that if you receive a quote for a car and that quote changes two weeks later it’s probably due to a change in gas prices. After searching auto shipping rates make sure to find companies that have a background in reliability and service. Many companies promise, but so few deliver.

Unipack’s goal is to give you service, quality and communication you can depend on. If you are merely looking to find the cheapest auto shipping rates we may just have them. We run a tight ship, which allows us to give our clients the best prices. Don’t hesitate to ask for our vehicle transportation rates as we believe that more times than not, they can’t be beat. Talk to one of our representatives and find out for yourself that you can find some of the best auto shipping rates along with the best service.

Next time you decide to ship a car, truck or boat keep in mind that Unipack’s vehicle transportation service offers some of the best auto shipping rates anywhere in the US. We challenge our customers to find a better quote from a reliable company. Don’t take our word for granted, try us and see why we are the best in the business.