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Advantages to Using a Global Relocation Service

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The economies of the world are now more interconnected than ever. Businesses and individuals now regularly move not only within their own country, but around the world. The reasons for this are numerous, from reducing costs and tax burdens to finding new opportunities for growth. Many manufacturing companies are relocating their operations to East Asia and India while professionals from developing countries find themselves moving to the west to find jobs.

Using a global relocation service like Unipack makes the physical relocation of a company or family seamless and stress free. Most transportation companies can only move cargo within a single nation or between major international hubs. This means that, in order to relocate overseas, coordination between many different transportation services and government bureaucracies needs to take place. For someone not experienced with the process, this can be a nightmare. A global relocation service can take care of all the necessary details.

When using a global relocation service like Unipack, one needs to only provide the necessary information and the rest is taken care of. Customs forms, bills of lading, import/export documentation and transfer requests are all handled, providing a door-to-door service that is stress free. By using a service like this, a global relocation customer can concentrate on the more important issues of moving like training and adapting to a new environment.

Three Factors for Relocation Service Providers

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Three key factors to consider when you select relocation service providers are:

1. Metrics
2. Performance
3. Transparency

Metrics: The results of a successful relocation process should be measurable. Unipack offers a web-based knowledge management solution, allowing authorized personnel in any department of your company to generate reports at any time.

Performance: As an independent Relocation Management Company, the performance of Unipack’s relocation service providers—not corporate relationships—drives use. We look out for our clients: our supply chain is designed for service and value. We perform thousands of relocations annually, so we have access to, and experience with, the best relocation service providers in the field.

Transparency: As we select the best relocation service providers for your needs, we are open and honest about our process. While we may derive part of our income from some of our relocation service providers, our primary focus is getting you the best service providers offering the best value available in their class.

The Expert Relocater

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Is the prospect of international relocation something that fills you with excitement and intrigue or do you find yourself becoming bogged down by the anxieties that naturally come with the prospect of moving yourself, your family, and your possessions to a foreign country?

Quality matters…

If you are moving abroad then you need to be able to entrust your international relocation to a caring and responsible international moving company whom you can rely upon for providing you with cutting edge moving and relocation services that are an essential part of the smooth transition from A to B.

No half measures…

When caught up in the stresses which are traditionally associated with international relocation one can be easily taken in by moving companies offering gimmicks or cheap rates when the true key to stress-free international relocation is a quality and personalised service with an effective and uncompromising delivery. A worthy moving company will have perfected the fine balance between experience and adaptability, which will demonstrate itself in the tailor-made services they provide to you. Prioritising your needs as an individual is essential and allows you to exert a comfortable level of control and trusted dependency over your international relocation.

Leaving the Grandparents Behind

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

As the world becomes smaller more and more people and families are choosing to relocate. Whether that relocation to a new city, state or even moving overseas; it raises issues for families: particularly grandparents and their grand kids.

There are two usual situations: either the parents relocate their children away from grandparents, or alternatively the grandparents may decide to move to a retirement location: usually somewhere warmer than home.

So how to manage the separation for both parties? One thing I think is to remember that in the end individuals have to make the decisions are best for them. For older adults it may be better to pursue a better quality of life that they an get in a location with a better climate and lower cost of living even if that means moving overseas to retire.

Also for many families it is important to move to pursue job opportunities overseas or interstate or other lifestyle options which means that the family can have a more secure financial future.

Grandparents may feel betrayed by their own children if a global relocation will separate them from grandchildren they have a close relationship with – but this really is a selfish view point. And also a short-sighted one. Its perfectly possible to keep a loving and close relationship with your grandchildren unless you cause a rift with their parents of course.

The modern world has made it a lot easier to stay in contact if distance separates you from loved ones. You don’t even have to pay long-distance call charges, instead video calls on Skye and social networking like sites Facebook and MySpace make staying in contact for all ages easy and cheap.

Also airfares have become a lot cheaper: if grandparents are retired they have the option to travel at off-peak time for even better airfares. So the family moving overseas can be an opportunity for overseas travel that you would never have previously had.

Whatever the reason for the family’s physical dislocation, the important thing is to keep the lines of communication open. Make sure both sides keep on talking to each other. The children should never become pawns between the adults, and neither should they be bargaining chips. Use modern technology to keep the family together even if they are separated by many hundreds of miles.

Why Hire a Relocation Service?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Moving internationally takes a great deal of planning; especially if this is your first time moving overseas. They say that in the course of a person’s life, he or she will move 11 times. Whether your reason is work-related or not, moving to another country to start a new life can be overwhelming.

When you move to another place, you usually bring your belongings with you. They make you feel good and make any new place feel like home. Some of those belongings are sentimental; some are necessities and some you are not sure why you even have anymore. Nevertheless, they are yours and now you have to figure out what to do with them. The best way to help you make sense of this task is to talk to and hire a professional international mover.

A professional international mover is someone who only does international shipments. They know what to do, how and when to do it. This professional international mover will be able to assist you in determining your volume, will take care of all the details behind the scenes, and will take good care of your belongings. The journey begins in your home in the US by packing your items (all of them, some of them or none of them), transporting your belongings, advising you about customs and delivering your belongings into your new home in your new country.

If this is your first time to live abroad, there are many questions you probably have regarding your belongings. What is the best way of transporting your possessions? How long does it take to get my belongings once they have been picked up? How far in advance should I place my order for pick up? Is packing included? Can I pack myself? What does packing cost? Do I need insurance? How much does insurance cost? What does insurance cover? Are there any items that are not allowed in my new destination country? Will I have to pay duties or taxes on the items I bring into the country? All of these questions can be answered by your international moving company.

The administration skill of the international mover you hire to manage your move from pick up to delivery will make your move successful. Understanding the structure of an International move will help you decide on the right international mover. There are many steps in the process to get your belongings from your home in the US to your new home in your new country.

Overseas Moving: Your Options

Friday, March 18th, 2011

People who wish to relocate overseas oftentimes require a lot of assistance. This is when overseas moving services come to mind. However, because the demand for these services is quite high, people are presented with the dilemma of selecting an overseas relocation service that is proper for them.

And so, how do you decide which moving service to use?

Many would prefer to go with the speed. A sound abroad moving service has to be able to deliver your household goods on schedule. In order to execute this, they might provide you with a specific promotional package which would allow them to accelerate the delivery. We all can confess how we do not in truth have any time to do the things that we need to, right? All right, by employing the foreign moving help which offers the quickest service then you’ll be able to make certain that you can manage your time in good order.

Some folks will go with location. It’s frequently better to engage an overseas mover which is stationed within your destination. This spares a lot of transfer cost. It likewise helps with the speed since people who are long-familiar with the destination could deliver the goods faster. There’s also the matter of the transport costs. Numerous overseas relocators may have associations with people at your country of destination. This implies that you will be able to save up on the price of moving.

Some people get going with the perks. There are some overseas moving companies which attempt to appeal to a lot of customers by proposing many add-ons when you charter their company. People may get side-tracked by a promo and they might wind up paying tons of hard currency in order to get something free. That is just asking to be scammed.

A lot of people proceed with reputation. It’s frequently the case that global moving companies get hired merely because they produce more advertising. If you go this route, you may finish up with a genuinely high quality moving service which fulfills its reputation. Nonetheless, somebody can just as well end up spending an unnecessarily big amount of money in order to pay for the moving company’s brand.

Handling Your Pets When Moving Overseas

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

When you own a pet, you make a commitment to always take care of it. You make its health and well-being your responsibility. Some people may not take this responsibility seriously enough. Because of this, many pets become abandoned when circumstances intervene. One such circumstance is moving overseas. Many people just do not want the additional responsibility of moving pets overseas.

What you need to know is that your commitment to take care of your pet does not end because of your need to move overseas. If you aren’t prepared to take the extra trouble of moving your pet overseas, then you should not have gotten a pet in the first place.  However, you also need to know that moving pets overseas is not really a very complicated task. All you need is the will to go the extra mile and some tips to guide you:

1) See a veterinarian – before moving pets overseas, you need to make sure that they have no health problems. You should make an appointment with your veterinarian to have your pet examined for any diseases. This will help you make sure that your pet can really handle the stress of traveling.

More importantly, a visit to the vet will help you obtain the necessary documentation to bring pets into a foreign country. Do not, however, rely on the usual tests for the documentation. Some veterinarians may skip certain tests if they think those tests are unnecessary. What you need to do is to go to the USDA in order to get a list of the required certifications and tests to move your pets overseas.

2) Learn about the country – learn as much as you can about your pet’s destination. You need to learn about the policies of a country regarding pets. It is often the case that some countries will require your pets to be quarantined for about six moths. However, some countries are willing to forgo the quarantine period if you present the proper documentation.

By learning more about the policies of the country, you can make sure that the process of moving your pets overseas will be much smoother.

3) Hire a service – if handling the paperwork and taking care of all the details involved in moving pets overseas isn’t for you, then you should consider getting help. A good pet relocation service will help you take care of all the necessary stuff connected to moving your pets overseas. This includes the check-ups, the airport requirement, and others. A pet relocation service will also keep an eye on your pets and make sure that they are safe during travel. They can also give you a lot of help and advice on how to keep your pets comfortable when moving overseas.