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Finding New Oppurtunities Overseas

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Moving overseas for work is probably one of the most common reasons people have for relocating to a new country.

Many people move themselves and their family to follow a job: either an international job offer that they have accepted or a transfer to an overseas office of their current employer. In some ways this can be the easiest way to move because all the practical aspects will be covered by your employer. However it can be hard on an employee and their family if they don’t really want to move to the new family.

If you are moving to find a job make sure that your skills are in demand and that your educational qualifications will be recognized in the new country. This is particularly important in the health and education fields. The licensing rules for health professionals and nurses in another country are normally very strict. It may take many months for your qualifications to be recognized and for you to be able to practice in your new country. In the worst case you might not even be able to start this process until you are in the country. Make sure you have a number of month’s expenses saved to see you through this period.

It is often easier to get university or college level qualifications recognized rather than associate or trade qualifications. A part-degree or qualification may be worthless so consider completing it before you depart or look at any options your school might have to allow you to transfer internationally to complete your qualification.

Alternatively you may be using your global relocation as an excuse to change careers and/or re-train. In this case it may be wise to get further training in your new country meaning that you will start to gain contacts and even student work experience in the same place as you will need to ultimately.

Don’t Make These Relocating Mistakes!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Perhaps you have a new job opportunity or you are ready to retire. As you consider making an international move at this exciting time in your life, you also realize that you are about to face some major changes. Realistically making note of the best way to get things done and learning from the experience of others can help make your move less stressful.

Regardless of your reason for moving, you will never regret doing things the right way. It may only take you a day or two to get to your new country, but it will truly take weeks or months of ocean shipping for your belongings to get there. Can a person make mistakes when moving internationally, wishing they had done things differently? Absolutely. There are so many things to consider, that regardless of how well you do, you are going to have a regret or two. Avoiding extra time, money and stress are the most important factors to consider.

1) One major mistake that people make when moving overseas is to think of it as an escape. Making an international move is much different than taking a vacation overseas. Regardless of where one lives, there are going to be stresses, disappointments and problems. As a matter of fact, moving in itself can be quite stressful, perhaps causing you to periodically wonder if you should move at all.

2) Don’t be unrealistic about what you are doing. You are going to have to continue working, paying bills and dealing with relationships, no matter where you live. It’s important to have a positive mindset and yet know that the move will be stressful at times and also know that day-to-day living will commence. All of your problems are not going to miraculously disappear by making an international move. In fact, it’s best to resolve as many issues as possible before moving and therefore, feel like you can move on with your life rather than escaping from current problems.

3) Don’t expect things to be the same in your new country, but plan on lots of change. Don’t ever forget that you are now the foreigner, the visitor, the stranger in this new country. Just assume that you are going to be misunderstood and make some mistakes. For example, if you are moving to England, you will find that they live by an entirely different set of rules and regulations. Rather than argue or complain about this, just accept the fact that you are no longer in your home country. Also, if you complain or argue too much, people in your new country will begin to dislike you because you will appear arrogant and surly.

Financial Needs of Moving Overseas

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Getting your finances in order before you take an overseas job is something you need to do now rather than after you get there. When you are already moving overseas the cost of making a call back to your home country can cost a lot of money. Wiring money can be a hassle if you do not already know the time it will take and the process you will have to go through when you cannot go to one of their branch offices. There will be times when you may need to wire money from the country you are in to one of your financial institutions and you will need to know the process you need to go through to do that. You will want to ensure your financial institutions let you manage your accounts online. Having a personal computer is pretty much a must because you do not want to do any online banking from an internet Cafe. Along with a personal computer you will need to not only have a good antivirus program you will need internet security software that can check for fishing sites and scan your emails that you import onto your computer through Microsoft Outlook or a similar kind of Email software.

Knowing how you are going to move your money when you are located overseas is very important. The easiest way to find out what is required is by going into one of your banks branch offices and asking them. Tell them what country you are moving to before you ask your questions because there may be different answers for different locations. Ask them how to wire money from your bank to another institution while you are overseas. Most bank require a form to fill out letting them know where you will be sending money too and a fax and a phone call each time you send money. You will need to find out your banks routing number and if they have one their SWIFT code so you can wire money to your account if you need to while you are moving overseas. Having a bank that has an online banking option is very important so if your bank does not you need to get a bank that does. You may want to use an “Online Bill Pay” service with your bank. This is so you can pay your bills from your bank online. Find out what contact numbers if any that they have you can call when you are overseas if you have any questions.

Relocating to England; What You Should Know

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Moving overseas can be such a hard thing to do. This is especially true if you are moving to a country where the whole culture is different from yours. If you are thinking about moving overseas to the UK, you need to know a few things. This article discusses one of the things you may experience when moving overseas to the UK: culture shock.

Most people would think that moving from the United States to the UK would be no big deal. After all, they do speak English there, right? Because of this thinking, however, many people experience the terrible effects of culture shock once they get to the UK.  Let us first talk about the language. Many people think that moving to the UK would mean very little difference in terms of language. However, not many people know that in the UK, different words mean different things.

Let’s take the classic example of the potato snack: a chip in the US is called a crisp in the UK; a fry in the US is a chip in the UK. See how confusing things can be? Because of this, you need to really read up on the various use of words in the Queen’s English. You need to learn not only the use of words formally, but you should also learn about the use of words informally. You need to learn how to interpret statements within the context of a situation.  Of course, moving overseas to the UK is hard enough without having to learn a whole new way of using language. Be assured, however, that with long-term exposure to English people, you will soon learn to adjust yourself to the language. Who knows, with enough time, you might even get an accent!

Another thing that causes culture shock in people moving overseas to the UK is the fact that the laws there are quite different. Let’s take driving, for example. When Americans move overseas to the UK, they often need some time to adjust to driving on the left side of the road. This can be quite shocking for some at first and they may need a lot of time before they accept the fact that driving on the left is the right way of driving.

It is often the case that people who grow up doing things certain ways think of those ways as being the right ways. The most common cause of culture shock is the fact that people who move expect everything to be absolute.  Sure, in the United States you did celebrate thanksgiving. However, you need to realize that moving overseas to the UK does not involve taking the holiday with you. There are no absolutes when it comes to culture. People need to realize that moving overseas to the UK means embracing the culture of another country.

Moving Overseas Can be Hard; Make it Easier!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Moving overseas can be hard work. There are a thousand details to take care of, a hundred crises to avert, and there are a lot of arguments to settle. Don’t you just wish that you could hire someone to take care of those details for you? In fact, you can do exactly that! By hiring an overseas moving service, you can delegate the tasks that need to be done to the people who can do them the best. Here are some ways an overseas moving service can help you:

1) Relocation – the first question that comes to mind when moving overseas is “where am I going to stay?” An overseas moving company can help you find a place of your own. By contacting branches in various places, an overseas moving service would be able to find you a place to call your very own. Often, they will show you some options which match your specifications. From there, you can decide which to pick.

2) Bookings and other paperwork – When you are moving overseas, there are a lot of different papers that need to be handled. Sometimes, it is just hard to do all of this by yourself. One way that an overseas moving service can help you is to handle the papers that are of minor concern.

3) Arranging transportation – an overseas moving service can help you arrange the transportation that you need for your possessions. In fact, an overseas moving company may even save you some cash on the freight. It is often the case that an overseas moving company has some sort of arrangement with a freight company in order to get reduced rates on moving your possessions. One concern with this, however, is the fact that most overseas moving services offer the services of only one freight company.

4) Packing – This is one of the most frustrating parts of moving overseas. Packing takes up most of the time spent in preparation for moving overseas. An overseas moving service can help you pack your possessions and store them in such a way that they will not get damaged on the way. Another advantage to having an overseas moving service pack your stuff is the fact that you can be sure not to miss anything.

Assistance and Shipping!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

1) Assistance – It is often the case that people, when facing the decisions involved in moving overseas, find themselves confused regarding what to do first and how to do it. Because of this, people often require assistance with handling the various aspects of moving. One type of overseas moving business specializes in assisting people handle the various processes involved in migrating.

Most involved in this type of overseas moving business are experts in the various paper works involved. By trusting these people with your paper work, you can be sure that you are in good hands. This is because these people know the right people who can help speed up processing your papers. By asking for assistance from such overseas moving businesses, you can make sure that the necessary documents will be processed promptly and efficiently.

2) Shipping – Of course, there still remains the overseas moving business of shipping to consider. Many companies today offer you the service of shipping your stuff overseas. The only question left for you is: “which company should I go with?”  Remember that you will be entrusting the company with your possessions. This means that you need to make sure that the company you hire will respect your stuff. You also need to make sure that your possessions will arrive safely. Although most shipping companies today supply insurance for your possessions, you know that money can’t always replace your treasures, right? When contacting this type of overseas moving business, you need to make sure that you can trust them and that other people trust them too.

After all, it is your stuff on the line.