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Accent-Modification Training: Part One

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

There are several types of training courses available for foreign nationals relocating internationally to the United States. From cultural awareness training to language training, Global relocation companies can employ several tactics to help foreign nationals better acclimate to life and business in a new country.

Language training may be the most obvious form of support for foreign nationals in the United States. This may be the case for those transferees who speak little or no English, but many Global Relocation companies overlook those transferees who relocate from countries where English is a first or second language.

Some companies may assume that when a transferee relocates to the United States from an English speaking country such as India or Singapore, they have a command of the English language and need little assistance, but what many companies are beginning to realize is that a foreign national who is completely fluent in the English language may still be commonly misunderstood because of their accent.

Benefits of Accent-Modification Training

Companies internationally relocate foreign nationals to the United States at great expense. They are often experts in their field and are brought to this country because of their technical expertise, qualifications and experience.

Much of this value can be lost if they are unable to communicate effectively with their office colleagues, teams or clients.
Not only does this impact a transferee’s effectiveness, but it can also lead to frustration and feelings of isolation.

By making accent modifications programs available to foreign nationals, International Relocation organizations can maximize their expertise and knowledge. It can help ensure a positive return on the company’s investment in the transferee and further the individual’s career development during and after the international relocation assignment.