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Adapting after a Move to Hawaii

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

So you’ve moved to paradise. You wake up every morning to the warm but fresh ocean air. Puffy rain clouds slowly drift and dissipate against the mountain landscape only to reform again in the afternoon to bring light showers. For the locals, there is nothing really especially about what is going on day after day, but to someone who has just moved to one of these islands of paradise, the experience may be transcendent. That is not to say that there aren’t difficult things to get used to in Hawaii. There are some things that are just simply harder or more expensive to do than while on the mainland.

Due to Hawaii’s remoteness from any other land source (in fact, Hawaii is the most remote place in the world), many goods that can not be produced on the island have to be shipped. This raises the prices on things like gasoline, consumer products and agricultural products that can’t grow on the island. Shipping charges will also be more expensive due to the necessity of air and sea travel. This also means that many things you might normally find readily available in a large city will take time to procure. This may not apply too much in the big city of Honolulu or on the rest of Oahu, but some of the other smaller items may have a lack of goods and services that you may have taken for granted on the main land. These are not the only things to consider when moving to Hawaii, but they are some of the bigger challenges you can expect after moving.

The Benefits of Moving to Hawaii

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

The Hawaiian islands are some of the most remote islands in all of the world. Thousands of miles of Pacific Ocean separate them from the mainlands of North America and Asia. Their isolation is explained by remote fissures in the oceans floor that cause volcanoes, which then erupt to create land and thus the islands. Even though the islands are volcanoes in a geological sense, most of the islands are inactive and living on them is perfectly safe. Even the active volcano on the large island is predictable enough to allow humans to stay out of danger.

Since the islands are remote, many everyday items need to be imported. This means that the cost of living can be a bit elevated. Despite of this, life on the islands is beautiful and enriching. There’s nearly an infinite amount of natural wonders to see and experience: beaches, volcanoes, rain forests, natural gardens, lava fields, ocean reefs and diverse wildlife. Hawaii also has unique and delicious food influenced by the indigenous Polynesian population. Diets consist of a lot of tropical fruits and local fresh meats and fishes.

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