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International Moving: Ships, Planes and Trains

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Most people are pretty familiar with how a domestic move works. You pack things in boxes, put them on the truck, drive the truck to the new house or apartment and then unpack the boxes into your new home. This process takes quite a bit of work, but it is rather simple. Relocating internationally is a whole different beast. Not only does moving to an international country require moving much further distances on average, it also requires things like permits, taxes, proper documentation and moving over oceans. For these reasons moving internationally requires a significantly different approach than a domestic move.

The best way to conduct an international move is to gather the knowledge of experts in relocation through a global relocation service. Coordinating an overseas move requires precise scheduling between trains, planes and cargo ships. The ability to coordinate these different modes of transportation are not ordinarily accessible to the average consumer. Not only that, but individuals looking to use transportation services will usually find that they have to pay the highest prices because they do not purchase services in bulk. A global relocation service like Unipack can bargain for cheaper rates and pass those savings on to individuals looking to relocate internationally.

Using a relocation service can also save a lot of time. For most families, there are a lot of important things to take care of during an international move. All pertinent paperwork needs to be put together and filed, taxes need to be paid and everything needs to be put into order at the new home. Most people don’t want to have to think about the physical relocation of their household goods. A global relocation service can arrange to have your household goods transported door-to-door. This means the only thing you have to do is pack up your valuables in boxes and have them ready to be picked up; the rest will be taken care of.