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Documents You Need for International Relocation

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Well before you actually move through a global relocation service to your new home overseas, you will need to secure the proper documentation to work or stay long periods of time in another country. It is recommended that you do this immediately after you have decided to move, as securing this kind of documentation can take a long time. There are many differences between the types of permits different countries requiring for working and prolonged stay, so it is best to research those things through their consulate offices or websites. Two main pieces of documentation required almost everywhere, however, are passports and visas.

The first thing you will need to even get out of the country is a passport. The process for getting a passport can take a few months, but there are convenient locations in every city to help you along the way. You will need things like your birth certificate, photo and social security number to process the passport. Most post offices and libraries offer specific hours to help people process their passport applications.

Next, you will need a visa issued to you by the country you are moving to. A visa is an authorization by the government of another country permitting a foreigner to enter that country for a specified purpose and period of time. The visa is usually stamped into your passport or placed on a separate sheet. A visa will be issued to you by a consulate of the country you are moving to. Depending on the size of the country and their relationship with the U.S., there may be multiple consulates spread around or a single one, usually in Washington D.C. Some visas can be obtained at the port of entry, but find out this information far before your travel date.