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Boxes Boxes Where Are the Boxes?

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

I may be alone, but I really don’t like paying for cardboard boxes. Why should I pay for a box that I usually receive for free when I order stuff online, or a box I get for free when I buy large items at the store? Or, why should I pay for something you see lying around almost everywhere: in trashcans, shipping docks, big box stores and lots of other locations. Most people really don’t need a cardboard box unless they are shipping something, or they’re moving, in which case they need a whole lot of boxes. As someone who moves quite often, I have found a few solutions to the problem of paying for cardboard boxes.

If you work for a company that has a physical location and deals in physical goods, there is a good chance that they receive and send items in cardboard boxes everyday. Don’t be shy. Ask the shipping department if they have any excess boxes that you can take for your domestic move. More likely than not they have quite a few boxes that they simply can’t use any longer because they are not suitable for business purposes. These should work perfectly for moving once or even twice. If you are a frequent move like me, you might prefer to invest in plastic bins instead of boxes. They last a long time, are relatively cheap, and stack on top of each other so that they store easily when not being used. They are also much easier to carry around than cube boxes.