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Picking a Place to Retire

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Retiring is one of the most significant transitions in any one’s life. It involves a complete restructuring of an average day, a transition from a busy life to a more leisurely one. Some people like to stay in the home they’ve lived for a sense of comfort, belonging and to retain connections to the community. Other retired people want to move away from the house or place that they’ve toiled almost their entire lives. Neither approach is right or wrong, but for the people who want to move, picking a good location is essential to enjoying retirement to its fullest extent.

The first criteria for picking a new home to retire in is costs. Most retired people live on a fixed income from pensions, savings, social security or other benefits. With a fixed income it is essential to find a property that you can afford but can also grow with as housing markets recover. Cities all throughout the country have seen dramatic swings in housing prices throughout the last year so it’s a good idea to do a lot of research before going ahead with your domestic relocation for retirement.

Cost should not be the only factor for picking a retirement relocation, however. Weather is a very important factor for many seniors, which is why retirement communities in places like Arizona and Florida have seen such enormous growth in the last few decades. Proximity to family and friends is also important. Some retired people even find themselves moving in with their children to take advantage of the low costs and closeness with family. Other retired people like to move close or next to their favorite hobbies, like golf courses lakes.