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Relocating to U.S. Territories

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

The United States constitutes a lot of land on the planet Earth, but not all of that land is incorporated into the nation as a state. There are many territories throughout the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean that are considered U.S. territories, but have never been granted statehood. Some are large organized and incorporated territories like the islands of Puerto Rico and Guam, while others are small and unorganized like the Midway Islands or the Johnston Atoll east of the Hawaiian Islands. It’s not possible to move to many of these places because they are protected wildlife refuges or used by the department of defense. Large territories like Puerto Rico and Guam, however, have quite large populations that people move to all of the time.

While islands like Guam and Puerto Rico are territories of the United States, they have slightly different rules and regulations when it comes to moving and living there. It’s a great idea to visit Puerto Rico’s website to find out about any special paperwork you need for transporting your household goods there. Most things in Puerto Rico are exactly the same at the federal level as they are in the continental states, but local laws can vary a lot. If you’re planning on working there, it’s essential that you research the local economy and find out what skills and connections you need to find a job to help support you and your family. Moving to Puerto Rico or Guam can be very exciting, so do your proper research before moving to make sure your move is successful.

Puerto Rico: Get Ready for the Caribbean

Friday, September 16th, 2011

If you live in Florida or elsewhere in the southeast U.S., you may already be familiar with what the climate is like in Puerto Rico. Those that have never been, however, should prepare for the drastic difference in climates between most of the U.S and the islands in the Caribbean. The truth is that the weather will be much better than what you are probably used to, but there are some things to watch out for if you are not familiar with a tropics.

Proper preparation and supplies for a tropical storm or hurricane are a must. Atlantic tropical storms are a constant presence in the Caribbean from about June to November every year. Preparations should include an emergency supply kit that contains first aid, water and enough food to last a few days if all other sources of food are cut off. You should also consider purchasing insurance against any kind of damage to your home or stuff inside your residence in case anything happens.

Relocating to Puerto Rico may also require a change of wardrobe. Temperatures and humidity average quite a bit higher than most of the continental U.S (highs are in the mid-80 degree range throughout the year). You will want to bring lots of light comfortable clothing and forget your winter coats at home. You will, however, need to bring plenty of rain gear as Puerto Rico has an annual rainfall around 50 inches, which is comparable to many areas of the south east U.S.

Relocating to Puerto Rico

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place, but relocating a business or household there can still offer many challenges and obstacles. The main challenges come from Puerto Rico being an island in the Caribbean Sea, which means cargo, goods, and vehicles need to be transported their by either boat or aircraft. Most customers will find that transporting their goods by boat will be the most cost effective option, but for those who need to expedite their relocation, Unipack offers expedited transport through aircraft.

Puerto Rico is a United States territory, so many of the laws and regulations are the same as in the continental states. Movers will find that things like voting and driving a vehicle are nearly identical to the systems found in states like California and New York. Puerto Rico does have it’s own tax system, but it is based on the U.S. Tax system. There is a sales tax of 5.5% and local municipalities have the option of adding up to an additional 1.5%.

Movers also need to be aware that Puerto Rico can impose taxes on goods entering the territory. Merchandise or articles arriving from the U.S. to be be sold, consumed, given away, or remain in Puerto Rico are subject to a 6.6% Puerto Rico excise tax that is calculated from the commercial invoice value. This is payable upon entry to Puerto Rico. Get a quote or contact Unipack associates to find out more information on your relocation to to this wonderful territory.