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Transporting Your Vehicle Overseas

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

Overseas auto transport is not only for families that are moving, but it’s also for people who have purchased vehicles overseas and need to bring them back to the states. There are several different options for shipping a vehicle overseas and automobile owners should familiarize themselves with the different means in order to find the one that fits their needs.

The two most common shipment methods are either sea containers or RO/RO services. A sea container is a metal enclosure that secures the vehicle for its protection during the travel across the sea. The container is commonly delivered to the vehicle owner’s door, where they can either load the car themselves or have a professional load it. It is advisable to have a professional load the vehicle because they have all the necessary tools, equipment and expertise. Loading a vehicle in the container is not an easy feat because there are no platforms, lift gates or ramps. The vehicle can also be delivered to a transport warehouse, where they will load the vehicle and make all preparations for shipment.

The other option is what is sometimes referred to as Roll on/Roll off service, and it works exactly the same way it sounds. The vehicle is rolled onto a ship at the port and rolled off at the port of destination. While this is common, not all US ports and overseas destinations are available, so it is a good idea to contact a transport company to learn more about arrangements and limitations. A good way to make the right decision is to consult with a vehicle transportation company. They will let you know all the details of the process and get you the best service for your overseas auto transport that you can get.