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Three Factors for Relocation Service Providers

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Three key factors to consider when you select relocation service providers are:

1. Metrics
2. Performance
3. Transparency

Metrics: The results of a successful relocation process should be measurable. Unipack offers a web-based knowledge management solution, allowing authorized personnel in any department of your company to generate reports at any time.

Performance: As an independent Relocation Management Company, the performance of Unipack’s relocation service providers—not corporate relationships—drives use. We look out for our clients: our supply chain is designed for service and value. We perform thousands of relocations annually, so we have access to, and experience with, the best relocation service providers in the field.

Transparency: As we select the best relocation service providers for your needs, we are open and honest about our process. While we may derive part of our income from some of our relocation service providers, our primary focus is getting you the best service providers offering the best value available in their class.

Relocation Company vs Relocation Management Company

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

If you’re planning to relocate just a few employees to different offices or even planning a large-scale relocation of your entire workforce, you may think you can do it in-house, relying on your human resources staff to assist in booking a relocation company to, well, get things moving.

But a relocation company (otherwise known as a moving company) may not offer all the help you need. Don’t be misled by a name. A relocation company, which often estimates the cost of a move based on weight and mileage, offers little more than packing and transport services. Sure, a relocation company can help you transport your household goods, pets and vehicles — and do it well. But when you’re talking corporate relocation, there’s a lot more involved.

Understanding What a Relocation Management Company Can Do

A relocation management company will provide one single point of contact for all your other relocation services (including that relocation, or — more accurately — moving company). If you already work with relocation management providers, there might be no need to switch.

Your relocation management company will assess relocation service providers and the value they offer, making recommendations for new service providers when appropriate.

Relocation Services A la Carte

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Unipack provides its phased Relocation Process as part of three different packages depending on how much of the relocation process you want to outsource.

1. The relocation management company handles it all

2. The relocation management company provides the support structure and works closely with your HR staff or senior management

3. The relocation management company works in a limited capacity, accessing specific parts of the process and making recommendations for refinement to the in-house relocation process

4. One key benefit to working with a relocation management company is having a single point of contact for all relocation service providers. But if you’re happy with any or all of those providers, there’s no need to switch. From customized packages to turnkey solutions, Unipack works with you to keep every relocation low-stress for relocating employees, support staff and management.