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Relocating to Puerto Rico

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place, but relocating a business or household there can still offer many challenges and obstacles. The main challenges come from Puerto Rico being an island in the Caribbean Sea, which means cargo, goods, and vehicles need to be transported their by either boat or aircraft. Most customers will find that transporting their goods by boat will be the most cost effective option, but for those who need to expedite their relocation, Unipack offers expedited transport through aircraft.

Puerto Rico is a United States territory, so many of the laws and regulations are the same as in the continental states. Movers will find that things like voting and driving a vehicle are nearly identical to the systems found in states like California and New York. Puerto Rico does have it’s own tax system, but it is based on the U.S. Tax system. There is a sales tax of 5.5% and local municipalities have the option of adding up to an additional 1.5%.

Movers also need to be aware that Puerto Rico can impose taxes on goods entering the territory. Merchandise or articles arriving from the U.S. to be be sold, consumed, given away, or remain in Puerto Rico are subject to a 6.6% Puerto Rico excise tax that is calculated from the commercial invoice value. This is payable upon entry to Puerto Rico. Get a quote or contact Unipack associates to find out more information on your relocation to to this wonderful territory.

Safely Preparing Your Household Goods

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Are you shipping household goods overseas in shipping containers? If you are moving overseas, you are probably going to want to ship a range of personal items to your new location. When you hire a dependable overseas mover, you can typically have the overseas moving company arrange packing services for you, but if you prefer to save money, or if you prefer to pack your own things, you can also opt to the packing yourself.

If you are packing your household goods for overseas moving, it is important to follow some simple cargo packing advice to organize and safely secure your items for sea shipping. Consider these 7 tips before you get started packing your boxes for international shipping.

1. Don’t over pack boxes. Remember that one person should be able to pick up, carry and load each box. Typically 50 lbs. is a good maximum weight.

2. Nest items. In order to save space, and to secure packing for minimal breakage, ship items inside one another whenever possible.

3. Pack tightly. One of the keys to great packing is tight packing. If your cargo moves around a lot during international shipping, damage is more likely.

4. Cushion breakables generously. Get creative and use crumpled paper, towels, foam, and other materials to pad the bottom, top, and sides of boxes carrying fragile items.

5. Pack by weight. Heavy Items should be placed on the bottom of boxes. Lighter, and more fragile items, should be placed closer to the top.

6. Pack similar items together. Once you get to your final overseas destination, it’ll be much easier to organize and unpack your boxes when you pack items that belong together (i.e., kitchen items, or children’s toys) in the same box.

7. Label boxes. Use labels to specify item type, and whether fragile items are in the box. If a carton belongs in a certain position, use a permanent marker to draw arrows on each side of the box noting which end is upright.