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The Plan to Work Abroad: Employment

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Are you a professional in a given industry or do you have a flexible skill set that will allow you to seek work in many different sectors? Do your qualifications translate favorably and transfer directly when moving overseas? What sectors would you like to work in, in which countries can you find work in a profession that suits you?

These are all questions you have to consider carefully. Next, if you’re moving overseas permanently you need to be practical and realistic and consider the long term employment prospects for you, your spouse and any other family members accompanying you…if you can find employment today how easy will it be to change employer or advance your career later in life?

You should then examine your desired location carefully and determine whether or not you need work permits, residency visas and permission to work and live abroad, if so you should get the ball rolling and apply as soon as possible in case of any paperwork and administrative delays.

Also consider the taxation and financial aspects of working abroad…remember that if you’re moving to a low cost country the economy will likely pay lower wages than you’re used to, will these be sufficient to sustain your ideal lifestyle?