The Moving Checklist Part One

This is part one of our moving checklist guide that will help guide you through the steps of going through with a stress free and painless domestic move. This first part will go through the steps you can take a week or more before the moving trucks arrive at your door.

Eight Weeks before Moving Day

  • Decide whether you are going to do your own packing or hire someone else to do it
  • Arrange to have your kid’s school records transferred
  • Go through all of your stuff and decide what to keep and what to  get rid of

Six Weeks before Moving Day

  • Start going through and consuming all your perishable foods.
  • Create a folder or file with all moving related paperwork inside.
  • Notify gas providers, water service, family, attorneys and anyone else that would need to know that you are moving and give them your new address.
  • Begin packing the least used items in the house, label carefully
  • Arrange for the transfer of your medical records
  • Complete the change of address form through the post office

Two Weeks before Moving

  • Remove any valuables stored in safe deposit boxes
  • Packing should be about 75% complete by this point
  • Obtain large moving labels or clear markings for boxes and containers
  • Notify your employer of your move and any time you may need off if applicable
  • Purchase traveling gear for pets if you need it
  • If you have house plants and are moving out of state, plan to give them to friends or neighbors.

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