What Are the Types of Corporate Relocation

Moving jobs overseas is a big talking point in the ongoing presidential campaign. The most talked about sector of the economy that is involved in these corporate relocations is the manufacturing industry. This is because the manufacturing industry has seen a huge exodus of jobs to places in Southeast Asia, Mexico and Latin America. But manufacturing isn’t the only sector of the economy that is sending its operations overseas. Jobs like customer service, engineers and even creative positions like design and writing have found news homes in other countries.

While international relocation of corporate operations is the most popular topic, many facets of business are moving within the United States. These domestic corporate relocations are really just a microcosm of overseas relocations. Businesses tend to move from places with high labor and operating costs to places with low labor and operating costs. This is why many companies move operations from places in the Northeast and California to cheaper and lower taxed areas like the Midwest and Texas. The regions receiving these businesses typically have lower unemployment during recessions and a much higher growth rate during good economic times. If one thing is true, however, is that no place booms forever, as new places always pop up to compete on prices and taxes.

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