Essential Moving Tips: Frequent Movers

For people who live in apartments, domestic moving can be an all too frequent activity. Some people are forced to move every year or couple of years in order to get the best value out of rental properties and stay close to their jobs. Moving this often can be very expensive and tiresome, but there a few things frequent movers can do to relieve the hassle that comes from constantly being on the move. The following moving tips are great for people who move all the time, but they can also be useful for families and individuals who stay in one place for longer periods.

Plastic Bins – boxes are cheap and efficient if you only move once every couple of decades or so, but plastic bins are an invaluable resource for storing and moving items for frequent movers. Plastic bins, which you can find at most big box and home improvement stores, are cheap and durable and will last you infinitely longer than normal cardboard boxes. They stack easily and do not require annoying accessories like tape. T

Light Weight Objects – plastic dishes and cups might not be fancy or suitable for hosting the Queen for dinner, but they will reduce the weight load significantly when moving. Light weight plastic objects can also be far more durable than their glass or ceramic counterparts, which is essential when you are moving often.

Collapsible Furniture – desks, tables, chairs and other objects you can take apart and fit into smaller containers are a great way to save space in a moving truck. These items require a bit more work when moving, but they are usually lighter and easier to repair than their uni-body counterparts. When buying a collapsible item, make sure the hardware is not proprietary so that you can do repairs when needed.


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