Press Release – April 3, 2015, Carlsbad, CA

Posted in April 8th, 2015  
unipack-logoUnipack Global Relocation and The Beach Soccer Championship have agreed to a partnership through the end of 2015. The Beach Soccer Championship, now celebrating their 9...

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International Moving Guidelines for First-Timers

Posted in March 28th, 2012  
If you're moving to an international country or moving overseas for the first time, the process can be completely foreign to you. Without the right information and tools, you can find yourself lost amongst all of the arrangements that need to be made and all the paperwork that needs to be filled out. Below is an Read More »   No Comments »

Top Metropolitan Areas for Corporate Relocation

Posted in March 23rd, 2012  
Houston, now the fastest-growing economy in North American according to Site Selection Magazine, has more corporate real estate projects than any other city in the United States. The greater metropolitan area secured some 195 corporate facility expansion projects, making it the leading corporate growth area according to a new study from the Brookin...

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A Guide for First Time Movers

Posted in March 20th, 2012  
A first move, whether it’s to college, your first job or to your first house, can be a very exciting time. It can also be a time of great frustration and confusion, especially if you’re not quite clear on how to coordinate your international or domestic relocation....

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The Changed Realities of Corporate Relocation: Part Two

Posted in March 8th, 2012  
The mature population, especially the baby boomers, is increasing everywhere. Workers older than 45 years old are growing more than 18 times the rate of the under-45 population in the 2000s. With a majority of the voting-age population at least 45 years old, public policy should increasingly adapt to the aging population’s needs in this decade. W...

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The Changed Realities of Corporate Relocation: Part One

Posted in March 6th, 2012  
Recent research regarding corporate relocation has shown five new realities that have impacted and will continue to impact corporate decisions regarding relocation. Two main areas of consideration are workforce availability and real estate development.  When it comes to the current workforce, ...

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International Relocation to the Mediterranean

Posted in March 4th, 2012  
Europe is going through some difficult economic times in the past few years. Despite this, it remains a popular destination for international relocation. Cities and towns along the Mediterranean Sea in particular are especially popular due to the nice...

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Lifting Heavy Objects during Your Move

Posted in March 2nd, 2012  
Most household injuries occur when we are unaware of proper safety precautions for certain jobs and activities. Injuries can occur when we are trying to fix electrical, plumbing or structural damage. Injuries can also occur when moving in and out of property due to a lack of knowledge in lifting techniques and proper support of heavy objects. Below...

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Have You Dreamed of Moving to Alaska?

Posted in February 28th, 2012  
Everyone who hasn’t been to Alaska probably has their own visions of what the country is like. Some people think of Alaska and only envision a frozen tundra ruled by vicious polar bears with a spattering of igloos and oil spills. Others probably see magnificent glaciers resting between jagged mountaintops, log cabins, grizzly old fishermen and hu...

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Moving Tips for Busy People

Posted in February 26th, 2012  
Moving is time consuming, and if you’re busy, there may just not be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Thankfully we live in a modern world where you can pay someone else to do just about anything. Moving for busy people will mostly be about delegating responsibility to third parties: Read More »   No Comments »