Items Needed for Overseas Transport

Transporting vehicles overseas requires certain documents and information before they can ship the vehicle. The car transport company will provide information about specific documents and other information that Customs will require once the vehicle arrives. This can create a very problematic situation if the appropriate information is not in place, therefore having a good transport company or broker is always of importance. While Customs regulations sometimes differ from place to place, a few of the most needed items are as follows:

  • a letter from the vehicles lien holder giving overseas travel permission,
  • an original title and a Bill of Sale.
  • The bill of landing (sometimes).

Having this information ready and handy prevents any delays or problems when presenting for the vehicle. The company will supply their customers with resources to learn more about Customs or foreign consulates to ensure that they have all their information beforehand.

Auto transport companies are well versed in the regulations and requirements of overseas auto shipping. Consumers should visit with the company to ensure that their needs are met and that their vehicle is delivered safely to the required destination. Shipping a vehicle overseas is a great way to take a vehicle to a new destinations or bring one back from a foreign purchase. Either way it is a good idea to learn more about transport shipping overseas and plan ahead of time!

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