Learn from the Moving Mistakes of Others

We’ve all made mistakes moving before, but if you’ve never gone through a big move and experienced the major problems that can occur, you might want to learn from the mistakes of others. Below are a couple of examples of major moving mistakes that ended up costing the involved party thousands of dollars in recovery costs. These are not errors of stupidity, just lack of foresight and forgetfulness than can happen to almost anyone. You can avoid these types of expensive mistakes simply by reading about them and planning accordingly when you move yourself. Using a relocation service can also ease a lot of difficulties that arise out of moving.

Joseph decided that he was going to move from California to Kansas when he was offered a job in Topeka that increased his salary by 10%. Within a week of accepting his new position he packed up all of his belongings, put them in a truck, and drove all of the way to Kansas. He did this without having ever visited the state or scouting locations to live. When he arrived, he decided to stay in a motel until he could find a house to move into. Within a week he was packing up his things and moving back to California. He found that he didn’t like anything about the place he moved to and decided that the slight increase in salary was not worth living in a place he wouldn’t like.

Another story deals with a near opposite circumstance. A family decided to move from their home in one of the outer burroughs of New York City to a small quiet town in Colorado because it was listed in a magazine as one of the nicest places to live in America. Both parents quit their job and moved during the summer when their kids were out of school. Once they go there, however, they found that jobs in their areas of expertise were scarce. After four months they were unable to find high enough paying work to pay for their living expenses and were forced to move back to the city.

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