Are You Ready to Relocate?

So you are tired of the weather, your job the daily commute? Your best friend moved overseas last year and is loving their new home and you are missing their company? Moving overseas can be very alluring dream for many people, but it can also have its disadvantages. Here are five things to consider before you take the plunge and commit to moving overseas:

Can You Afford To Move Overseas?

Sure there are the obvious costs including airfares and shipping costs. Have you considered the costs of temporary accommodation when you arrive? The cost of buying new items you can’t ship, the cost of a new car. You might need a new wardrobe if you move to a very different climate. If you don’t have a job to go to how many month’s living expenses do you have – remember the cost of living might be different from what you are used to.

Will You Get Too Homesick?

Do you enjoy having all your current circle of friends around you. Do you love your current home and the town that you live in? Are you willing to give all this up for the lure of the relocation? Make sure that you think about what you like about your current circumstance as well as what you don’t like because the lure of the “grass is always greener” is always a trap to avoid.

How Will Your Kids React To Moving Overseas

If you are taking your family beware that it might be tough on the kids. Teenagers particularly may find a new school system hard to adapt to with a completely different curriculum and exam system. They will probably also resent leaving their friends behind. Younger kids may get teased for their foreign accents – even if you are moving from one English speaking country to another. Does your partner share your enthusiasm – how hard will it be for them to work if that is what they are used to doing? Will they miss the family and social support network that they have at home.

How Will Your Relatives At Home React To Moving Overseas

Almost everyone leaves someone behind: you may leave your parents behind: parents whom you are depriving of their grandchildren, in their eye’s anyway. You may leaving relatives and friends who have been part of your social and support network.

What To Do With Pets When Moving Overseas?

Pets can be part of the family to. Make this decision early – beware that there are strict guarantee rules for many countries and taking a pet may involve significant extra costs and paperwork. On the other hand though can you bare to leave a much-loved member of you family behind?

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