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What to Take and Leave Behind When Moving

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Some people think that it is necessary to take everything they own with them when they move, but sometimes there are things better left behind. It’s a good idea to take a complete inventory of all your items before you move in order to decide what is best to bring and what is best to sell or just throw away. There are several key aspects of an item to consider before you decide whether or not to bring it: size, weight, age, utility, frequency of use and adaptability to your new home. If you take into account all of these factors you will end up saving money in the long run and filling your new home will only your most important items.

Bedding – If you have been living in the same home for a long time, you may have very old mattresses and framing. Moving may be a good opportunity to get rid of the old mattress and replace it with a more comfortable one at your new home. It will also save valuable space in a truck.

Furniture – How much to you like your current couch, dining room table, dressers and chairs. These types of items take up a lot of space and weight on a truck. If you are planning on getting a new item when you arrive at your new home, it is probably a better idea to leave the old one behind by selling it or giving it away to charity.

Garage and Storage Junk – We aren’t all like the people in the show Hoarders, but most Americans are guilty of keeping far too much junk in their garage or storage units. Moving is a good opportunity to get rid of all that stuff you don’t need or haven’t used in a long time. Moving a lot of junk across the country can end up costing a lot more than what any of it is worth.

Appliances – Many appliances, especially those in the kitchen, should probably not be moved. But there are things like washers, dryers, outdoor refrigerators and freezers and barbeques that you may or may not want to consider moving. There are several questions you need to ask. Do I use the appliance often? Am I looking to upgrade? Is the space it takes up in the truck worth it?

Household Accessories – Most of us just have lots of stuff sitting around the house, some it useful and some of it that just takes up space. Take an inventory of all the little things in the house and make sure that you are not bringing a bunch of stuff that will just end up sitting in boxes. Doing this will save money on moving and make your new house less cluttered.

Adjusting to a New Location

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

The logistics of moving to a new location can be challenging, but it can be even a greater challenge to adapt socially. There are many global relocation companies, like Unipack, that make the physical transport of cargo and goods a breeze. But once everything is moved and settled to your new location, how do you adapt to the new conditions? The amount of changes a new environment brings can sometimes be overwhelming.

It is important to immerse yourself in whatever new location you have moved to. Successful adaptation to any new place depends upon the ability to communicate with the locals and participate in their culture. Many recent transports can find themselves lost in a new place, especially if that place is a foreign country with a different language. By interacting with the locals and participating in local activities, a recent re-locator can quickly adapt to the new conditions by learning the language and normal social conventions of the area.

There’s many ways that this can be accomplished. Bars and restaurants are excellent avenues for immersion, as they are places with lots of local residents and sometimes other outsiders that may have advice on adapting to a new place. Street fairs and festivals also provide opportunities to interact with locals and get to know how the community operates. If you are with your family, going to functions that involve other people with spouses and children can offer easy opportunities to meet new friends. Don’t be afraid to explore your new home to its fullest, you may be surprised how enriching it can be.

Relocating is Hard but Exciting

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Is the prospect of international relocation something that fills you with excitement and intrigue or do you find yourself becoming bogged down by the anxieties that naturally come with the prospect of moving yourself, your family, and your possessions to a foreign country?

Quality matters…

If you are moving abroad then you need to be able to entrust your international relocation to a caring and responsible international moving company whom you can rely upon for providing you with cutting edge moving and relocation services that are an essential part of the smooth transition from A to B.

No half measures…

When caught up in the stresses which are traditionally associated with international relocation one can be easily taken in by moving companies offering gimmicks or cheap rates when the true key to stress-free international relocation is a quality and personalised service with an effective and uncompromising delivery. A worthy moving company will have perfected the fine balance between experience and adaptability, which will demonstrate itself in the tailor-made services they provide to you. Prioritising your needs as an individual is essential and allows you to exert a comfortable level of control and trusted dependency over your international relocation.

Building Relationships

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

The International Relocation Company that you choose will be a vital resource in the transition to your new home and should therefore regard you as importantly as you regard them. They should be determined to build a close relationship with you. An essential part of this close and trusted relationship is the provision of an experienced, friendly, and trusted move coordinator (or equivalent) by the company in question. The move coordinator is your main point of contact for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your move throughout the relocation process. The Move coordinator should do all they can to provide you with the best possible services in all aspects of the move at both origin, destination and all in-between!

First class service, business class delivery…

A quality International relocation goes far beyond providing the heavy lifting service provided by all international moving companies. If you trust your move to a company like Unipack Global Relocation you can expect to choose from a whole range of services from handyman and maid services to finding a new Tennis Club! Support is a priority and Unipack offer a range of online guides, FAQ’s and tips to help plan your move.

Some Hidden Costs of Global Relocation

Friday, June 10th, 2011

How exactly do we define a “hidden cost” of relocation? It’s not a non-disclosed cost buried in the supply chain—although those can be hidden and lead to surprise last-minute expenses if you don’t have a relocation services company looking out for your company’s best interests.

But the real hidden costs of global relocation lie in stressed-out transferees, lost productivity and even transferred employees who leave the company shortly after a relocation.

If you eliminate loss-on-sale benefits for transferred employees who own their own homes, how much stress are you creating for your employees? If you don’t offer spousal support, what will that do for the morale of your transferred employee? Stress leads to sick days, personal days and dissatisfied employees—all resulting in lost productivity and lost dollars for your company.

When you limit or eliminate moving expenses as part of a relocation package, how many more days will your employees need to line up moving companies, find the best prices or move themselves? How many days of productivity will this cost your organization?

Studies show a direct correlation between poor retention and changes in corporate global relocation policies. It costs much more (in real dollars, employee time and productivity) to hire and train a new employee than it does to retain a quality worker.

In today’s workplace, we know that every dollar counts. But before cutting costs by reducing benefits on employee relocation packages, make sure to measure the hidden costs of relocation.

Are You Ready to Relocate?

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

So you are tired of the weather, your job the daily commute? Your best friend moved overseas last year and is loving their new home and you are missing their company? Moving overseas can be very alluring dream for many people, but it can also have its disadvantages. Here are five things to consider before you take the plunge and commit to moving overseas:

Can You Afford To Move Overseas?

Sure there are the obvious costs including airfares and shipping costs. Have you considered the costs of temporary accommodation when you arrive? The cost of buying new items you can’t ship, the cost of a new car. You might need a new wardrobe if you move to a very different climate. If you don’t have a job to go to how many month’s living expenses do you have – remember the cost of living might be different from what you are used to.

Will You Get Too Homesick?

Do you enjoy having all your current circle of friends around you. Do you love your current home and the town that you live in? Are you willing to give all this up for the lure of the relocation? Make sure that you think about what you like about your current circumstance as well as what you don’t like because the lure of the “grass is always greener” is always a trap to avoid.

How Will Your Kids React To Moving Overseas

If you are taking your family beware that it might be tough on the kids. Teenagers particularly may find a new school system hard to adapt to with a completely different curriculum and exam system. They will probably also resent leaving their friends behind. Younger kids may get teased for their foreign accents – even if you are moving from one English speaking country to another. Does your partner share your enthusiasm – how hard will it be for them to work if that is what they are used to doing? Will they miss the family and social support network that they have at home.

How Will Your Relatives At Home React To Moving Overseas

Almost everyone leaves someone behind: you may leave your parents behind: parents whom you are depriving of their grandchildren, in their eye’s anyway. You may leaving relatives and friends who have been part of your social and support network.

What To Do With Pets When Moving Overseas?

Pets can be part of the family to. Make this decision early – beware that there are strict guarantee rules for many countries and taking a pet may involve significant extra costs and paperwork. On the other hand though can you bare to leave a much-loved member of you family behind?

Overseas Moving: Your Options

Friday, March 18th, 2011

People who wish to relocate overseas oftentimes require a lot of assistance. This is when overseas moving services come to mind. However, because the demand for these services is quite high, people are presented with the dilemma of selecting an overseas relocation service that is proper for them.

And so, how do you decide which moving service to use?

Many would prefer to go with the speed. A sound abroad moving service has to be able to deliver your household goods on schedule. In order to execute this, they might provide you with a specific promotional package which would allow them to accelerate the delivery. We all can confess how we do not in truth have any time to do the things that we need to, right? All right, by employing the foreign moving help which offers the quickest service then you’ll be able to make certain that you can manage your time in good order.

Some folks will go with location. It’s frequently better to engage an overseas mover which is stationed within your destination. This spares a lot of transfer cost. It likewise helps with the speed since people who are long-familiar with the destination could deliver the goods faster. There’s also the matter of the transport costs. Numerous overseas relocators may have associations with people at your country of destination. This implies that you will be able to save up on the price of moving.

Some people get going with the perks. There are some overseas moving companies which attempt to appeal to a lot of customers by proposing many add-ons when you charter their company. People may get side-tracked by a promo and they might wind up paying tons of hard currency in order to get something free. That is just asking to be scammed.

A lot of people proceed with reputation. It’s frequently the case that global moving companies get hired merely because they produce more advertising. If you go this route, you may finish up with a genuinely high quality moving service which fulfills its reputation. Nonetheless, somebody can just as well end up spending an unnecessarily big amount of money in order to pay for the moving company’s brand.

What You Need to Move Overseas

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Moving Overseas often means facing a lot of difficult decisions. Little details that seemed insignificant before grow exponentially when you are moving overseas. Because of this, people often cannot face these decisions alone. Some people need to delegate their tasks and often hire various overseas moving businesses. Many people think that the term “overseas moving business” refers solely to the guys who take all your stuff and ship them to your destination. However, there are a lot more different types of overseas moving businesses than you know about.

1) Global Relocation services – Some overseas moving businesses are there to help you with relocation. They help you find your new home. They do this by asking you some questions regarding your preference of home and then finding matches to your query. These overseas moving businesses mostly concern themselves with real estate.

If any available real estate matches your preferences, this overseas moving business can negotiate for you. This means that you will have no problem regarding where to stay. Thus, you can concentrate your efforts elsewhere. Another matter that this type of overseas moving company can handle for you would be the disposal of your property. Most people, when moving, do not really consider what to do with the homes they will be leaving behind. Because of this, most homes fall into uselessness once a family relocates overseas.

This type of overseas moving business can offer you various options as to what to do with your old house. These options could be selling the property or leasing it. By choosing these options, you will be able to get profit from a piece of property that would otherwise just sit, waiting for time to tear it down.