Preparations for Moving Internationally: Part Two

Last post we listed some useful tips for planning an international move. That post covered many of the essentials for moving internationally, but there are still many smaller things that many people may overlook. It’s important to go over every detail when moving to start your new (temporary or permanent) new life in a foreign country. Remember, traveling abroad is not cheap, so anything you may forget may be lost for the duration of your stay or perhaps forever.

-Find out what educational opportunities exist for you or your children. Many countries with expatriate communities have international schools that teach in English. Some people may prefer to enroll their children in local schools where foreign students can be immersed in the new language and culture. This option can help a family better adapt to their new home if they are planning on staying for a long time.

-If you’re bringing a pet, schedule necessary vaccinations, procure documentation and obtain a proper pet carrier. If you’re not planning on bringing your pet with you, allow ample time to find a new and welcoming home for your furry or feathered friend.

-Purchase airline tickets as soon as a travel date has been selected, and ask about luggage restrictions. If initial plans are to stay in a hotel, make reservations as soon as possible. The sooner you book your travel the cheaper prices will usually be; although, it is always a good idea to keep a lookout for reduced fares and reservations.

-If you’re shipping a car, have it serviced by a trusted mechanic before the move. If the new country accepts foreign insurance policies, compare costs in both countries to make the cost of keeping your car as cheap as possible. It’s usually cheaper to buy insurance in your country of residence, but there are exceptions.

-Remember to cancel magazine subscriptions and dues-based memberships or have them forwarded to your new home. Fill out forms at the post office or at their website to have your mail sent to your current address.

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