Puerto Rico: Get Ready for the Caribbean

If you live in Florida or elsewhere in the southeast U.S., you may already be familiar with what the climate is like in Puerto Rico. Those that have never been, however, should prepare for the drastic difference in climates between most of the U.S and the islands in the Caribbean. The truth is that the weather will be much better than what you are probably used to, but there are some things to watch out for if you are not familiar with a tropics.

Proper preparation and supplies for a tropical storm or hurricane are a must. Atlantic tropical storms are a constant presence in the Caribbean from about June to November every year. Preparations should include an emergency supply kit that contains first aid, water and enough food to last a few days if all other sources of food are cut off. You should also consider purchasing insurance against any kind of damage to your home or stuff inside your residence in case anything happens.

Relocating to Puerto Rico may also require a change of wardrobe. Temperatures and humidity average quite a bit higher than most of the continental U.S (highs are in the mid-80 degree range throughout the year). You will want to bring lots of light comfortable clothing and forget your winter coats at home. You will, however, need to bring plenty of rain gear as Puerto Rico has an annual rainfall around 50 inches, which is comparable to many areas of the south east U.S.

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