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Good and Bad Vehicle Transportation Brokers

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Many shipping brokers do not have established relationships with vehicle transportation carriers. There are many broker shipments who work with only the lowest bidding carriers. Some brokers will claim that they are not responsible for the car’s pick-up, care, or delivery. They don’t track the car, or know when it will arrive. There have been reports of stolen radios, broken locks, scratch marks, and untimely delivery when dealing with un-established, non-professional shipping brokers.

It is important when shipping a car to deal with a reputable vehicle transport company. For instance Unipack is a preferred choice for numerous organizations throughout the United States. They have experienced staff available by phone and online. Unipack’s vehicle transportation uses only state-of-the-art auto transport trucks to deliver the vehicle. Without compromising quality service, they offer competitive pricing on vehicle transport and a quality guarantee.

If you’re looking to ship a vehicle domestically or internationally, Unipack can be your best resource.  We provide different types of service from standard vehicle carrier to exclusive enclosed transportation and even air transportation. Let us know the details of your vehicle and where it will be relocated so we can provide you the consultation along with a proposal to make it happen.