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Many Companies Relocating to Texas

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Corporations all over the United States and Canada have taken the opportunity over the last decade to relocate operations to Texas. Big cities like San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas are some of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the nation. Companies give a variety of reasons for moving to the lone-star state. Among them are reduced taxes, cheaper real estate, larger talent pools and nicer weather. Employees might find themselves following their employers to Texas if the incentives are right, and there are a lot of things to look out for when moving to Texas.

Weather in Texas during the summer can be extreme for those who are not used to it. Temperatures top 100 degrees much of the summer with humidity at or near 100%. This type of heat can feel suffocating to some and it’s important to stay in doors with air conditioning if a person can’t handle it. Texas can also get tropical storms or hurricanes from June to November, but these storms are more rare the further north and west a person is. When the weather is right, however, the state offers a vast array of outdoor activities and fun events to take advantage of.

The food found in Texas may also be quite different that what some people may be used to. Central Texas prides itself on being the beef barbeque capital of the world. Many establishments are famous for their beef brisket and ribs. The large Mexican population also means that there are tons of authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurants in nearly every town and city. Of course, if you live in one of the big cities, there are plenty of restaurants and stores that offer all of the normal foods Americans are used to, so there is no reason to feel left out.