What to Take and Leave Behind When Moving

Some people think that it is necessary to take everything they own with them when they move, but sometimes there are things better left behind. It’s a good idea to take a complete inventory of all your items before you move in order to decide what is best to bring and what is best to sell or just throw away. There are several key aspects of an item to consider before you decide whether or not to bring it: size, weight, age, utility, frequency of use and adaptability to your new home. If you take into account all of these factors you will end up saving money in the long run and filling your new home will only your most important items.

Bedding – If you have been living in the same home for a long time, you may have very old mattresses and framing. Moving may be a good opportunity to get rid of the old mattress and replace it with a more comfortable one at your new home. It will also save valuable space in a truck.

Furniture – How much to you like your current couch, dining room table, dressers and chairs. These types of items take up a lot of space and weight on a truck. If you are planning on getting a new item when you arrive at your new home, it is probably a better idea to leave the old one behind by selling it or giving it away to charity.

Garage and Storage Junk – We aren’t all like the people in the show Hoarders, but most Americans are guilty of keeping far too much junk in their garage or storage units. Moving is a good opportunity to get rid of all that stuff you don’t need or haven’t used in a long time. Moving a lot of junk across the country can end up costing a lot more than what any of it is worth.

Appliances – Many appliances, especially those in the kitchen, should probably not be moved. But there are things like washers, dryers, outdoor refrigerators and freezers and barbeques that you may or may not want to consider moving. There are several questions you need to ask. Do I use the appliance often? Am I looking to upgrade? Is the space it takes up in the truck worth it?

Household Accessories – Most of us just have lots of stuff sitting around the house, some it useful and some of it that just takes up space. Take an inventory of all the little things in the house and make sure that you are not bringing a bunch of stuff that will just end up sitting in boxes. Doing this will save money on moving and make your new house less cluttered.

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